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12 years ago

For psumner, here my steps....

- install the CategoriesHeaderMenu plugin
- integrate it in nopCommerce via Widget
- ovveride the default superfish settings in the razor view file adding before the div
this code:

    $(document).ready(function() {
            autoArrows:  true,      
            dropShadows: true        

- replace the css file content with the original one (

- create a new folder 'images' in the Plugins\SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.CategoriesHeaderMenu and copy the files shadow.png and arrows-ffffff.png

That's all


12 years ago

I have only done a very very simple and easy test in localhost and now works as expected.
In two minutes my menu has the default 'original' look of the jQuery Superfish Menu with arrows and menu shadows (

If someone wants to try I'll post here the steps and code


12 years ago

Thanks for this plugin !!!

I'm trying to override the default options,
no problems for example for the autoArrows,
but no success if setting dropShadows to true.
Is only a problem to put in the exact folder (which one ?)
the shadow.png file ?


URL issue....
12 years ago


I've the same problem, I also checked manually the file and is ok,
but still get a HTTP 404 error.
The only page - from the menu 'Nop Home Page Sliders' - that the webserver can find is of course the readme.html

Any idea ?