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11 years ago

Change Category Default Display:

How can I change the Categories “View as” Default view from Grid to List.

I looked in the advanced store settings and didn’t see a default setting for category.

Is there a file that I can modify in the Electronics Theme?


11 years ago

Hello Support Team!

I have an update to my first post regarding the customer rating bug.

I updated FireFox V17.0.1 and that solved the disappearing review on the product review tab. When I entered a new review then clicked to another product then clicked back to the previous item with the review, all reviews were visible. However, the problem still exists with IE8. If I close the IE8 browser, reopen it and navigate back to the product the reviews appear. You have to close the browser then reopen it to clear the problem. Restarting the program or clearing the cache did nothing to resolve the problem with IE8.

HOWEVER, in BOTH browsers the rating stars and link to the reviews does not appear at the top of the product page. The rating stars also do not display within the individual reviews. They only appear if I change the theme back to the orange default theme.

I hope this will help you identify the problem.


11 years ago

Hello all,

I am a little confused with what I am experiencing and I think it might be a bug in the program so if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

I installed NopCom 2.70 on a test server and started the program just to make sure everything is functioning. I then installed “NopElectronicsTheme_2.7” and installed the plugins. All plugin functions that come with the Electronics Theme are working.

I am having a problem with the customer reviews and rating display for each product.  What I am about to describe occurs no matter what I set within the reviews option screen. I can allow anonymous user to rate product or restrict to only registered users and still get the same error.

Once a review is entered on the reviews tab of the product and you hit submit the review will display (anonymous user reviews allowed). However the rating stars (set to 5) do NOT display within the customer review. Also the rating stars do not display at the top of the product page where the price is displayed.
When I click on another product and move around the website and come back to the product I rated, click on the product review tab the review that I entered disappeared. So I entered another review and click on the submit button and the old review and newly written review both appear. Once again no rating stars appear within each review or at the top of the product page. Again, if I move to another product and come back to the product that I reviewed, both reviews are gone, well not gone just not displaying.

If I go into the admin area and change the store default back to the orange display, navigate back to the product that was reviewed the rating stars display near the price and description area and if I click on the product review tab both reviews display and each review display the rating stars.

If I switch back to the Electronics Theme the stars disappear from the product and from the individual reviews. However, both review that I entered now display. This issue occurs using FireFox or Explorer.

Help would be greatly appreciated!