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5 years ago

How can we get the toast to stay indefinitely when added to the cart?

8 years ago

I am trying to get the conditions to work with the product ribbon. I am adding a Condition group with

Product Age Hours
Less Than Or Equal To
336.00 (14 Days - 14 * 24)

It shows but when I hit Save or Save and Continue Edit it goes away. Is there a way to edit in a database or XML so that we can get newly added products to show for the first 14 days?

Sticky Menu
8 years ago

How can we get the menu within Alfesco become "sticky" at the top rather than scrolling off of the page?

10 years ago

We like the theme and are just starting to configure it since buying it but have one small anoyance we can't find where to change.

At the top of the page it says "+777 (100) 9999 sales [at]". Where do we set this in the settings?