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Perfect, thanks that got it!

We are using both the Categories Header Menu and the Anywhere Sliders extensions, both are working well, with one exception...

In one area of the site we have a banner from the Anywhere Sliders extension positioned directly under the Categories Header Menu.  When the submenu for a top level category is revealed it lays over top of the banner.  All is fine until the user attempts to mouse over the items in the that point the submenu disappears and the user is unable to click on an entry.

Seems like there might be a z-order conflict somewhere that is always forcing the Anwhere Slider to the top of the stack, but if that's it I haven't been able to find it yet.

Any ideas on how to get these two extensions to play nicely together?


Great, thanks for the tip.  

Reducing the number of squares in the transition did make a noticeable difference, and has the side benefit of altering the look of the transition to more of a traditional fade-out/fade-in effect, which is much closer to the look we were going for on our site.

You've done a nice job with these extensions, and we look forward to the continued updates.  

Thanks for your support.

This is regarding the latest version of Anywhere Sliders for NopCommerce 2.30

We are seeing extremely high CPU utilization during the transition between images.  On older PC's we have seen the CPU spike to 100% for several seconds while drawing the transition effect -- unfortunately it is so invasive that it makes the site unusable on lower power PC's when this extension is active.  Even on newer quad-core PC's the CPU spikes as high as 35% during the transition effect -- not unuasable but too high to consider using on an e-commerce site. We have been able to reproduce this issue with only 1 banner and 2 images.

We love the functionality this extension provides, so we are looking forward to a fix.

Thank you!