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8 years ago

Hi Guys

Many thanks for creating the nop Templates, it's a service that is very much in demand, and I look forward to doing business with you, the concerns I have about NopCommerce are about SEO, especially URL's with ID's in them, as you know, URL's are very important when it comes to promoting your business and is not very good, because every forward slash deminishes page relevance, where you guys could win, and indeed create a very good income is change the way that navigation is implemented with better URL's like that way all the hard work that has gone into creating such a really good system would really take off because companies would be able to promote there business with the best of them, and in return start to make money, sorry I didn't mean to give a lecture, but I feel very strongly that if people are to get behind this product it has to work, and although the technology is on the cutting edge, the SEO is what's letting this product down.