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7 years ago

Thanks it works :)

7 years ago

I see the option "Click for dropdown" or the option "Include topic" (which is the one i'm interested) but none "Show Topics Body In Dropdown" in 3.20 version

i've seen in the MegaMenu.cshtml this code regarding MegaMenuTopic, I have modified it to get the topic i wanted but i would like to add more topic like this one so i've tried to copy the following code but get an error at the end.

MvcHtmlString megaMenuTopicBlock = Html.Action("TopicBlock", "MegaMenu", new { systemName = "MegaMenuTopic" });
    if (Model.Settings.EnableMegaMenuTopic && !MvcHtmlString.IsNullOrEmpty(megaMenuTopicBlock))

After the reply of Boyko i tried with the code :

<li><a href="@Url.RouteUrl("Topic", new { SystemName = "topic system name" })">Link Title</a></li>

It works Well But there is no dropdown like the MegaMenuTopic.

Sorry if my previous e-mail wasn't clear and thanks in advance for your help

7 years ago

mmmh sorry to bother again.
I would like my topic to have a dropdown like the option MegaMenuTopic.
What would be the code ?

7 years ago

oh... i get confused with the option Mega menu and did not think about the "About Us" haha

Thanks so much

7 years ago

Hi, I work in Nop3.20
i would like to add another topic page in mega menu than the one already present. When i tried to modify the code i get an error message. when re-loading my website.

Please can you advice what code i must insert to add another topic page in Mega menu.

7 years ago

It was exactly what i was looking for :)
Thanks for the Fast reply

8 years ago

IvanStoyanov wrote:
Changing the e-mail address & phone # in Administration...

Hi there! I just received this e-mail and thought I would ask for clarification via the forums so that others can find the answers I'm looking for as well. I'm still not sure where in the Administration panel I find the fields to enter my phone & email information as mentioned below...

"  1. There are two resources in the header that can be changed via the administration. The phone comes from the following locale resource - SevenSpikes.Themes.NeoFashion.Common.Phone. The email in the header is consisted from two locale resources due to anti-spam precautions. The first locale resource is SevenSpikes.Themes.NeoFashion.Common.EmailName and the second is SevenSpikes.Themes.NeoFashion.Common.EmailDomain. These resources can be changed from the administration. The reason why the email has been split into two resources is that we use a anti spam js function.  "

Thanks in advance,

Hi Matt,

Thank you for asking this in the forum. I think it will be helpful for a lot of people.

As mentioned in our email, the email and phone in the header are resources.
Please read our glossary: (especially the Resource part) for detailed information on how to change a resource value.

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate and ask.

Ivan Stoyanov

Hi, I have change both ressource but i would like to delete the terms in the middle: [at]
I couldn't found it. please can you help me ?

9 years ago

Hi, I would like to add in my smart theme the lavella header. I would like to have both the banner and the 2 side banner, how do I accomplish that?  I have the ultimate theme bundle.

Is it possible to pay someone?

Thank you!

9 years ago

Can you take a look on this:  and this

What is missing in my css to be exactly like your search bar? I change the "search" text by a magnify like you did, I put the code you have from inspect element in chrome. And there is still something missing because the magnify and the box are not exactly the same. And not ate the same position also.

Thank you,

Bruce OBrien

PS: Is there some issues if we want to put all your theme on our nop 3.2 site? It is going to be multi-site so we can give different look to each site.