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I'm using nop v4.4
I custmized the search method on ProductService.cs SearchProductAsync.
I added the ability to search by GTIN.
The changes i made seems to work on the search dropdown but when i press the search button the search page result remains empty.
after some digging i figured its because of the ajax-filter plugin
I would love for some help with this issue.
Thanks in advance!

The changes i made in ProductService.cs SearchProductAsync:

                productsByKeywords =
                        from p in _productRepository.Table
                        where p.Name.Contains(keywords) ||
                            (searchDescriptions &&
                                (p.ShortDescription.Contains(keywords) || p.FullDescription.Contains(keywords))) ||
                            (searchManufacturerPartNumber && p.ManufacturerPartNumber == keywords) ||
                            (searchSku && p.Sku.Contains(keywords))
                             //added code:  || p.gtin == keywords
                        select p.Id;