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I am lost and cannot find an answer in the documentation. QUESTION: WHERE ARE ALL THE TICKETS?

When I log in as admin, I want to see all the tickets for my company. I only see "public" tickets (ie user). Reading a two-year old post in here (and another 8 year old post asking for an admin view of tickets), there seem to be two things that are assumptions:

Assumption #1 - there is no overall Admin view of all Tickets. The only way to see this is to assign a User/Admin to every Department
This is such a bad architecture approach, meaning we have to create users, assign them Depts, to give them rights to view that Dept's tickets. ??? (what if an employee leaves? We have to always make sure the tickets have another person in that Dept to make sure they're not lost?)

Assumption #2 - users must be registered in order to drop us a ticket? And if they are not, they can ONLY send in a generic "Contact us" form which just goes to email and is in no way connected to the help desk?

This is 2022; a help desk system is CRITICAL to a functioning store and should be integrated by now. I'm going to wait for a response and hope & pray that my assumptions are incorrect.