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Search Sku
4 years ago


I have changed my standard SP ProductLoadAllPaged to include this:

  --SKU (exact match) partial sku search
    IF @SearchSku = 1
      SET @sql = @sql + '
      SELECT p.Id
      FROM Product p with (NOLOCK)
      WHERE p.[Sku] LIKE ''%'  + @OriginalKeywords + '%'''

But this doesn't work with Ajax filters on, I have noticed there is a SP specific to ajax filters. Is there a way to make the partial sku search as I need it for my site but also want to use the filters.


5 years ago


I have 2 sites using the Brooklyn theme and one shop has the shoppingcart.headerquantity setting in Nop-Templates > Themes > Brooklyn > Manage Resources and one doesn't...

How can I get that inserted and working on my other site?

Both sites are on Nop 3.8


5 years ago


I'm wondering if it's possible to not have the products alphabetized so they're show by display order.

Currently my site has them by display order but there still in alphabetical order.

Ideally I'd like them to be mixed, so not all products starting with A then B etc next to each other.


7 years ago


I saw in previous versions of the Ajax Filters it was possible to change the display order of the products.

After looking through the 3.8 version I can't seem to find anything like this.

Is it possible to display by Bestsellers, I know it's not a default in Nop but really need this feature.

Am willing to pay to have this issue resolved.