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10 years ago


in the "topics" area in nopcommerce. Where you can add extra topic pages.  
I was wondering if a plugin exist to set sub level of topics instead of having everything linear?

10 years ago


I would like to order our size filter in our Fashion theme.
Currently the filter drop down display like this:


And I would like the 10 to be displayed last.
How can this be adjusted?
Thank you,

11 years ago

Any update on the attribute combination display with stock tracking?

"the way that nopCommerce currently works is that a customer can choose ANY combination and try to add it to the cart, if there is not stock in that combination they should get an out of stock message.

I don't really like this way, I think that once you choose a size, for example, then the color should populate with the available colors in that size - or something along those lines. That seems to be the way that most online stores do it."

Any update available?

Thank you,

11 years ago

How can we change the sorting order of the main shop (catalog) page.
By default products are ordered alphabetically, how can we update this to be ordered by “created on” by default? So the newer products are always in front.
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11 years ago

Thank you !

11 years ago

Currently the “topic” pages of the site uses the “_ColumnsTwo.cshtml
“ layout, with the left column navigation.
I would like to get ride off the left navigation column on this topic pages only and use the “_ColumnsOne.cshtml”
Any suggestion on how to proceed?
Thank you,

11 years ago


Just purchased and uploaded the fashion theme.
I am running into the following bug.

I started with a fresh install of 2.65 nop with sample data.
I Followed the instructions at:

I have uploaded the plugins and theme in the according folders.
I was able to install the plugins in the according order.

On step 16. When going to activate the fashion theme
Configuration -> Settings -> General And Miscellaneous Settings
the page blows up message "we're sorry, an internal error occurred..."

This is the only page that blows up. the rest of the site works well.

Please let me know the step I should take to resolve this?
thank you,