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9 months ago

I don't know how to update plugin. We buy Pavilion template from a local store.

10 months ago

Thanks for reply.
We use Pavilion theme for nopCommerce 4.20. this problem exist in Pavilion demo site, too. for example for "Mega Menu Women's", slider is not displayed in mega_menu_categories_before_dropdown_end_1.
In our website, anywhere slider plugin only works in mega_menu_categories_before_dropdown_end_1 widget zone and other widget zones not working.

10 months ago

Hi guys,
I have a problem with anywhereslider plugin. My slider in Mega menu number 1 works but in other index not working. I set widget zone to mega_menu_categories_before_dropdown_end_2 and noting happened. I tested another zone like end_3, end_4 and etc but no success only end_1 works.