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8 months ago

SDobrev wrote:

Our view engine is with higher priority and this is the reason why your view is not loaded. You should register your view locations before ours.

I tried with highest and least priority nothing worked :(

8 months ago


I am trying to replace _Addtocart view with my plugin view. Its working fine with Default nopcommerce theme, but with Pavilion theme its not overriding. I guess its taking only theme view.

How to override my plugin view here?

9 months ago


Is there any way to hide top card templates of subcategories for particular product and not for all products.

Example in the Image: I don't want to display "CLOTHES.. " subcategories templates on top of the list only for women's fashion not for other products.


I am trying add the themes to my code base so that i can work on my local machine with the same theme and do customization and changes as per my requirement and check it out immidetly how it looks in my UI. But so far i couldn't able to figure out how to add them to my code base and use it using Visual studio.