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one month ago

Can you please answer this query, based on your input we have to purchase the theme and implement it.

Thank you,

one month ago

Hello! Nop Templates Team,

For a client of ours we have shortlisted Prisma Theme.

We are building a B2B eCom site for them. They have about 13 Categories and on an average there are 6 Sub categories in each of 13 categories. The largest category has 15 Sub categories.

Please look at the menu elements in the picture:

If we implement it in the Megamenu in Prisma theme, there will be lot of scrolling (1. Will there be a vertical scrolling inside the mega menu?).

2.  Can you please advice which is the right menu to implement for such a usecase.. and

3. Is there any other theme in Nop-Templates which will handle large menu system like this?

Our customer is a manufacturer of fishing gear and accessories.

Request your answer for the above 3 queries.

Thank you,