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2 years ago

hristian.dimov wrote:

We can think of implementing sending emails when a new ticket is submitted, but could you please explain to whom the emails should be sent? I mean, if you have 50 staff members assigned to a department, should all of them be notified via email that a new ticket is submitted?

Is it possible to have Department Managers?  A Lead Staff Member with permissions to manager their own Department's Tickets.  So the Store Owner and Department Manager are notified that a new ticket is submitted, then the Department Manager assigns it to a Staff Member, who is then notified.  

Works perfect, thank you!  I really need to learn CSS better.

not your  Mega Menu, just the stock Nop flyout Category menu.  Once you mouse down to the Featured Products tab on the Home Page the menu will break as soon as the mouse is over a product.  

I figured it was conflicting mouse/hover events but I don't see any event associated with .product-item so I am at a loss of where to look.  

I can prevent the menu from extending that far in CSS, but I'd rather know the reason if you can help me figure it out.