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11 years ago

Support wrote:
I guess a graphical representation will make more sense.

here it is:

Please advise.



Thank you for the detailed explanation.
What you want is not possible with the Categories Header Menu.
What you want is more like a Mega Drop Down Menu and the good news is that we are currently working on creating a Mega Menu plugin for nopCommerce, which we plan to release in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Could you please elaborate more on the menu?
What is Collection in your example? Also would you like to have pictures for any of the categories and products? We plan to have two different templates\layouts - one just like in your sample picture and one with images for the categories.


Thanks for your quick answer.
I am very excited about the new release then... now, I am not sure I will be able to "wait" (make the client wait) few weeks...

Either way, I think it would be a great feature to have in the future.

Regarding this particular "requirement": The actual categories are really underneath "Shop". Collection is one of the Top Categories, and all the links below it would Sub-categories of collection. The same goes for "Category(title)" and "Best Seller". All other links have nothing to do with categories: Home, About, Contact, etc...

For this particular project I do not need images for the categories, but I guess it could be a nice feature to have if we were able to turn it on/off (as per project).

What I find important would be to select (pick and choose) what categories/sub-categories to show on the mega menu. I guess for large catalogs, with lots of categories/sub-categories would end up to be messy to show all/none.

Also, may I ask you:
1- Will Mega-Menu be based also in CSS/jQuery?
2- For the current version you based it on the Superfish plugin. What are you using as base for the Mega-Menu? I guess it could help me solve until the new version is available.

Thanks a lot for all your support! Very much appreciated!

Take care.


11 years ago

I guess a graphical representation will make more sense.

here it is:

Please advise.


11 years ago

Hi all,

First of all, thanks for making NopCategoriesHeaderMenu (NCHM) plugin free.

My implementation requires something a bit different than the "out-of-the-box" implementation of NCHM plugin.

To be more specific, I would need the following links and sublinks in the header menu (the order is not the right one however):

Direct Links:
About Us
Contact Us

Pull Down Links (just to name a few):
Shop (at same level of the other direct links)
>>Colletion (a title):
>>Collection 1
>>Collection n

>>Category (title):
>>Cat 1
>>Cat n

>>Best Sellers (title):
>>Best 1
>>Best n

Is it possible to customize NCHM plugin to get what I need?

Thanks a lot in advance!