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OK, Tickets #13539

Thank you!

Can someone help me show a color in the product availability depending on the quantity?

In Stock - Appears in green letters when the quantity is greater than 100
Out of Stock - Appears in red letters when the amount is less than 5
Pending confirmation: appears in orange letters when the quantity is greater than 5 and less than 100

Any help would be well appreciated!

Best regards

7 months ago

I would like show the picture of category after last category of the breadcrumb.
I try put different code in CategoryTemplate.ProductsInGridOrLines but I don't success.

For example, I put:
    <img alt="@Model.PictureModel.AlternateText" src="@Model.PictureModel.ImageUrl" title="@Model.PictureModel.Title" />

But Model.PictureModel is Nothing


7 months ago

When the articles of a subcategory are listed and all their products are displayed, how can the image of the subcategory or category be displayed at the top of the page?