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11 years ago

What is the perfect picture size for NeoFashion Theme?

I face a problem with the uploaded pictures, therefore I am busy to write a tool to bring images into the right format.
there you will see, eather the image is cropped at <div class="product-item"> or it will be cropped at  quick view.

Where I can setup changes in picture size for quick view?

Thanks for help.

11 years ago

It is working fine, thanks.

<div class="page category-page">
after changing picture format I try to keep 3 pictures in one line as as it is if  picture width: 230px.
I have to add some pixels for width in <div class="page category-page">
and can not find in css the position where this is determinded.

Best regards.

11 years ago

I had to resize the .item-box and as well .item-box .picture.
Now the transparent layer containing button "Quick View" has to be resized as well.
Please give me some advise on this.

Best regards.

11 years ago

Sorry for taking that long - yes this was my intention. I was looking for this specific header at all.
Best Regards!

11 years ago

Here I was able to change the page item featured product.

.product-grid .title {
  background: url('../img/separator.png') bottom repeat-x;
  margin-bottom: 18px;
  padding-bottom: 18px;
  font: bold 24px/30px "Times New Roman", Times, serif;
  color: #000;
  text-transform: uppercase;

thank you

11 years ago

Adding .teatured-product-grid into Themes/NeoFashion/Content/css/styles.css file does not make changes in my case.
I cleared cockies and tried as well with different browsers. Just to make sure.

    font-size: 15px;

Thanks for further assistance.

11 years ago

try hard to find where I can change font size of featured product?
using 3.0 neofashion.
Thanks for any input.

11 years ago

View string resource \ Resource name "checkout.button" in German is not supported.

11 years ago

MattyLB wrote:
Changing the e-mail address & phone # in Administration...

Hi there! I just received this e-mail and thought I would ask for clarification via the forums so that others can find the answers I'm looking for as well. I'm still not sure where in the Administration panel I find the fields to enter my phone & email information as mentioned below...

"  1. There are two resources in the header that can be changed via the administration. The phone comes from the following locale resource - SevenSpikes.Themes.NeoFashion.Common.Phone. The email in the header is consisted from two locale resources due to anti-spam precautions. The first locale resource is SevenSpikes.Themes.NeoFashion.Common.EmailName and the second is SevenSpikes.Themes.NeoFashion.Common.EmailDomain. These resources can be changed from the administration. The reason why the email has been split into two resources is that we use a anti spam js function.  "

Thanks in advance,

Hi Matt,
thanks for this post, so I am as well busy with this issue.
The file Resources.en-us.xml contains this items as you describe. So I installed the German languages. Do I need do download somewhere?
Best regards,