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10 months ago

When we prefer paging, then we encounter duplicated page titles.
All of the pages have the same title:

Glad if you can share a solution.

We are having similar problems.

Basic description: If you would like to migrate your DB from AWS to Azure (or similar) The migration tools ('Export data-Tier Application' or 'Data Migration Assistant') give the follwoing error:

One or more unsupported elements were found in the schema used as part of a data package.
Error SQL71564: Error validating element [dbo].[ProductLoadAllPagedNopAjaxFilters]: The element [dbo].[ProductLoadAllPagedNopAjaxFilters] cannot be deployed as the script body is encrypted.

So People will need solution. Please help.

3 years ago

We are planning to move to db types other than MS SQL.
I would like to check if the Venture theme for Nopcommerce 4.4 supports those DB types.
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3 years ago

the contact us form in the quick tabs is quite useful.
It is used by both registered customers and unregistered customers.
The issue is that I have to collect much more data (such as country, company, phone) with this form about the customer which is actually available in the customer details (if the customer is a registered customer we already have this data)

1) if a registered customer is filling this form, the email that the store owner receives should also have a link to the register customer detail such as"customer nr"
So that the store owner can aquire the data such as country, company, phone from the customer details instead.
2) Else, additional form elements such as custom text area for country information should be added within the plugin settings in the admin panel.No need to be complicated.

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