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4 years ago

To add to earlier reply, I intend to use javascript/jquery to replace the productId in url of AjaxCart.addproducttocart_details() call, based on user's selection of dropdown item. Hence, I cannot add data-productid attribute in the button element.

4 years ago

Well, What I have put is a very simple example of button. After making this work, I intend to use this with a dropdown of various products. So, that user can select a product from dropdown and click on this button to add selected product to cart. Please help on how to achieve this. (I have a specific requirement to show few products in dropdown.)

4 years ago

Wish to add a new custom button on simple/grouped product template that should work like 'Add to Cart' button. Current 'Add to Cart' button opens small Ajax Cart window with new product added to it. However, I cannot get this Ajax Cart feature to work on new button.
I have added below html just below Add to Cart code in template file(\Presentation\Nop.Web\Themes\Native\Views\Product\ProductTemplate.Simple.cshtml):
<input type="button" id="add-to-cart-button-custom" class="button-1 add-to-cart-button" value="Add Custom Product To Cart" onclick="AjaxCart.addproducttocart_details('/addproducttocart/details/11193/1', '#product-details-form');; return false;" />

Can someone please help?