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4 years ago

Hello everyone.

Currently i am using nop quick tabs for a website in asp net core (nop 4.10)

I have the following problem:

I have a view with 2 custom tabs, which are Features, and Pricing.

In pricing tab i want to load a view component which , depending on the product shows the correct pricing catalog.

The problem is that i have a div that contains the view component and i show it only on Pricing page, but it gets loaded on features tab too and gets hidden.

Them problem appears when i navigate to features and then to Pricing. The view component is not correctly displayed as it has been already initialized in the features tab and it cannot be duplicated inside that div.

Can i have some help with this?

4 years ago

hristian.dimov wrote:
I actually mean, i need to duplicate the productCustomTab.cshtml


could you please elaborate more on why do you need to duplicate this view?

Looking forward to your reply!

I mean that i have only one view CustomTab.cstml that is applied to EVERY custom tab i create.

I actually want to have a second view like CustomTab1 Customtab2 and choose which one to apply to my custom tabs , each time i create them.

4 years ago

I actually mean, i need to duplicate the productCustomTab.cshtml

4 years ago

Hey all.

In my case i need to have 2 custom tabs for details and pricing. Is this possible?



My website needs to display the categories in the main menu, but under them not the subcategories but some products in that categories with pictures.

Is this possible?