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Dear Valentin,

Thank you for the interest and the suggestions, i have managed to fit the website closer to my needs so i don't think there is much more to do with this part for now. The thing with the slider is if i add is as the "Main Slider" then the pictures are really big so we will try to keep it as a "Main Page Top" at the moment. Thanks again.


Hello, Im currently trying to configure our new web store since we updated from Ver-3.30 to 3.90 and we are using the Prisma Theme and a different folder for the new version of our shop. The problem is i cannot find the slider on the top of the page to remove it and replace it with the Nivo slider and i would like also to remove the Selected Products under it so i can add my own using the SmartProducts - Jcarousel Plugins. Ive checked all my files under the View Folder and tried commenting out some stuff that i read through the forums but nothing happens not even an error. Thank you in advance.

Zac    <---This is the website in case you would like to have a look!