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6 years ago

SDobrev wrote:

If you want a specific carousel to be in 2 rows you can set the raw parameter only if the carousel is with specific Id. In the JCarousel.cshtml view you will find the Id in the Model.Settings.Id

Once again thank you for your response, I'd like to use this as last resort since it's not really maintainable and can get lost in future updates. Or maybe the rows option is added to JCarousel.

6 years ago

So I took a look at it and here is the thing,

-I create this custom setting and
-then retrieve the value in the JCarousel.cshtml
-and add to the carousel initialization code

every JCarousel will have 2 rows, while I only need it for one specific.

This is why I was looking at the JCarouselEntitySetting.

6 years ago

Hi, thank toy for your response and your approach.

I will take a look at it.

Thank you!

6 years ago

[u][/u]Good evening, in a project I work we're using the nop jcarousel plugin and it works great for most of the thing that we wanna display, until now.

I'm using a carousel in the homepage in order to display selected categories, and also display them in 2 rows of 10 items. So that would be something like that.

dotsNav: false
row : 2

Unfortunately, the latest version of JCarousel doesn't support the rows option, I have tried editing the
and add a rows property in the declaration of the jCarousel and it works.

I have thought of extending the JCarouselEntitySetting class in the respective .dll (as shows but is that possible or can you suggest another way to achieve what I'm looking for?