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5 months ago

I am looking into adding a POS plugin to our nop site.
We are running nop 4.2 and considering the Venture theme.

Would your theme be compatible or would we need to have some custom work done

2 years ago

I am having an issues with Traction 3.9 theme inside the admin seciton where the Nop-Templates-Themes-Traction menu is displayed as follows

-- sevenspikes.themes.admin.manageresources.traction

Not sure how to get that fixed..

2 years ago

I would like to be able to group the product specification in a similar fashion

-- Ram type
-- Ram Size

-- Display type
-- Display Size

-- Gear Ratio
-- Gear teeth

Is this possible out of the box or can it be customized to show in both product view and product comparison view..

2 years ago

I noticed that the product grid compare button disappears on mobile. Is there a way to add one easily?