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one year ago

I bought the theme without multidomain license, now I would like to add the multidomain license, is it possible?

2 years ago

I did not make any changes in the Themes\Brooklyn\Views\Shared\_ColumnsTwo.cshtml file.
The three widget areas are present and the system, in the LoadActiveWidgetsByWidgetZone, for the widgetZone configured in the plugin, returns your widget AjaxFilters.

Gherda Corrao
TAD Solutions Srl

2 years ago

we've changed some view files, if you let us know which files which files can cause the problem, we'll try to restore them and check if the filters are back.


2 years ago

Dear Sir,
we did both cache cleaning and rebooting of application but the errore is always present.
you can access to one of our testing server where is replicated the same website of our Customer.
this is the URL

Here username and password as administrator
password: ************

We are looking for your response.
Best regards.

Gaspare D'Anna
TAD Solutions Srl

Edit by Nop-Templates team: it is not a good idea to post sensitive data into the forum because everyone can see it. Please, next time, submit a ticket so that the information will be kept private.

2 years ago

I do not understand why ajax filters are not displayed.
The site uses your Brooklyn theme.
There are nopCommerce filters in the category page, even though the div containing them (class product-filters) is hidden by your css.
But the view of your filters is not rendered, the settings seem correct, but as you can see it now you can not see it anymore.
Which parameters are used to show filters?

3 years ago

can be make a ribbon on tier prices?
Like in this site

Thanks in advance.