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9 years ago

Hi - I am using your Nop Categories Header Menu all is well and good except it is only displaying top level subcategories.

When i mouse of a (top level) category link from the menu there is a thin grey bar to the right of the link being displayed - it looks like it is trying to show something - any ideas appreciated

PS Please note i changed the first Z-Index from 1000 to 9 as the top level categories were being concealed by the Nivo Slider underneath. (I have played around with the other Z-Index entry (by default set to 100) assuming this to be the problem have tried several values but nothing made any difference

Have played around more and got it to work i think but dont know if this is best fix ---->

In .sf-menu ul        i changed overflow from hidden to visible (don't even know what it is but it works for some reason!)