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10 years ago


I got another bug. Your temlate left "newsletter" controller/view and when customer is added to the subscription (after email activation), he will return to system three-column theme...

Have a look on it

10 years ago

Solved. Thank you. The problem was with the name (in 2.6) Poll "system keyword" (I would rather prefere "system name" which was "wrong" interpreted to the Czech language.

So as I understand well I can usually choose, wher to place it through this name? Are there any other predefined? It would be much mor interesting, when I can select f.i. available widgets.


10 years ago

I did it but nothing changed, I have copied:

but nothing changed
so I copied also new:
but still nothing happend.

Can you exactly specify, what you changed?
Are there any extra setups?

Can you specify changes in styles.css - therefor I allready done some customizations.

Thanks, Frank

10 years ago

Is here any easy way to put comunity poll to the left column?