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We will start a new project soon and I wonder about the future of this plugin. As we know, AngularJs development cycle reached its end.

So, will the plugin stick with AngularJs for the next 3 year?
Or, is there any plan to re-engineer this plugin (or invent a new one) with another technology?


3 years ago

Actually, I installed a fresh copy of the theme, every thing was fine. I will double check the issue and I will come back if there is any problem.


3 years ago

If I change the working language in the checkout page, I don't get the localized version of "ConditionsOfUse" topic when I click on "read-terms" link. If I clear the browser cache (after changing the working language) get the correct localized topic.

Also, I noticed that when I click on the "read terms" link, 2 requests are sent to "t-popup/conditionsofuse".

We do not have this issue with default nopCommerce theme.


You are right, the folder "uptown" is missing under "SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.RealOnePageCheckout/Themes". So how can i get this folder. I have the ultimate collection 3.7.572.20010 even though the uptown theme is not supported.

Thank, I will. But i just want to mention that the theme does not have a problem with default "one page checkout". The problem occurrs when "SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.RealOnePageCheckout" plugin is enabled

Thanks for your replay. Actually we are using the last version 3.70. It seems it is a responsive issue because when we resize the browser it looks better.

Full screen:
After resize the browser:

Yah, thanks very much, this solves the problem.

I appreciate your help.

When I installed the plugin "SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.RealOnePageCheckout", the credit card form was not rendered correctly.

Please check this link:


I installed "SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.RealOnePageCheckout" everything was fine. But after i disabled the plugin, the default one-page-checkout was not enabled.

I check the order settings, the option "Use one page checkout" is checked and i restarted the application and uninstalled the 7Spikes plugin without any success.

In debuginfg, the option took the value "true" but the view is not rendered.