Have you heard about dogfooding or eating your own dog food?

It is very important for us to use our own products in our own web sites. This way each product is carefully tested and can attain a much more refined user experience. Using our own products in production helps us improve them all the time. Most importantly this way we show our clients that we are confident in our products.

What better showcase than our own e-commerce web site - It is running the latest version of nopCommerce and is using most of our products. If you take a closer look at our web site you will notice that our products are everywhere. Although the Nop-Templates theme is unique and we can't sell it as a separate theme, it demonstrates that we are able to create nopCommerce themes that are much different than the default nopCommerce ones. It also shows how several of our plugins can be combined to work together and improve the usability and the user experience of a nopCommerce web site. Each of our plugins are easy to customize to match every nopCommerce design you have.

  • We use the Nop Anywhere Sliders extension to emphasize on some of our products on our home page in an attractive and functional way
    The sliders are an effective means of stressing on any set of products we choose and driving more visitors' traffic to these particular products.

  • We use the Nop Ajax Filters extension on our web site to improve the filtering of the products we offer.
    This helps our clients to quickly find a specific product they are looking for. Searching with the Nop Ajax Filters is even easier than with any other conventional e-commerce product filters, because the Nop Ajax Filters interact with each other, and after each filter selection show only the remaining available options.

  • We use the Nop Quick Tabs plugin to better structure of the product information into separate Tabs.
    This not only improves the layout of the product pages but also greatly enhances the performance of the web site as only the information that is required is loaded using the Ajax capabilities of the plugin.

  • We use the Nop Smart SEO plugin to quickly and adequately generate meta data for all our category and product pages.
    The Nop Smart SEO is a true time saver! Entering meta title, descriptions and keywords for each and every category and product on our web site would have been a laborious and extremely time consuming activity. With Nop Smart SEO we just had to edit a couple of settings in the administration panel of the plugin and all our meta data instantly appeared on every one of our category and product pages.