• 26273 2018-01-31

    Added a missing admin.min.js file to the theme plugin which was causing the color presets to not work in the administration (not being able to change the presets)

  • 26271 2018-01-31

    Added missing default theme setting for the shopping cart header quantity selector. With the correct selector you will be able to see the updated number of shopping cart items in the header after you add something in the cart

  • 26207 2018-01-22

    Include the share to Pinterest script at product page to be with https otherwise the request was blocked because of accessing an insecure script when the site is secured (https)

  • 26099 2017-12-21

    Added max-width style to the logo

  • 25999 2017-12-08

    Added Category And Product Images proportion settings

Plugins included in the theme

  • Nop Mega Menu

    • 26132 2018-01-05

      Added the number of boxes per row class in Manufacturers and Vendors dropdowns