• 26236 2018-01-24

    Styling changes needed for Help Desk plugin

  • 26176 2018-01-12

    Тhe google map is now loaded via HTTPS to avoid any javascript errors on secured stores (that use HTTPS)

  • 26171 2018-01-11

    Fixed the Slider on the home page (home_page_main_slider ). It didn't pick up the proper styling for the home page and it appeared under the menu.

  • 26010 2017-12-12

    Removed double widget zone from product page

Plugins included in the theme

  • Nop Ajax Cart

    • 26011 2017-12-12

      Corrected wrong path to loader gif

  • Nop Ajax Filters

    • 26566 2018-03-09

      When there are no filters available on the page we should not include the styling of the filters

    • 26471 2018-02-28

      Added additional offest to the scroll to element for the themes that have a sticky header that covers part of the page. Now when you scroll the header does not cover the filtered products.

    • 26231 2018-01-24

      When Infinite Scroll is enabled and you scroll several pages down and visit a certain product page and then hit the Back button, you will now go back to the same product in the list of products (rather than to the top of the catalog page).

  • Nop Anywhere Sliders

    • 26904 2018-04-23

      Corrected the styling for the home-page banners as they were causing problem with anywhere sliders.

  • Nop Instant Search

    • 26023 2017-12-13

      Adjusted Instant search category dropdown styling, border-top removed

  • Nop Quick View

    • 26426 2018-02-23

      The Notify me when available button in the Quick View is now working. The problem was introduced in the upgrade to 4.0. The script which handles the button click was not loaded.

Other plugins not included in the theme

  • Nop Help Desk

    • 26038 2017-12-14

      Added loader styling and some minor fixes

    • 26022 2017-12-13

      Kendo css files removed and required styling added to each theme

  • Nop One Page Checkout

    • 26782 2018-04-03

      Restyled "remove gift card" button in various themes. old styles are no longer needed after the semicolon next to the button was removed. It was removed because we don't want a semicolon after a button, only after a text.

    • 26776 2018-04-03

      Made the "order-total" table row html structure (in OrderTotals.cshtml in the One Page Checkout plugin) consistent with the default nopCommerce markup. This way the plugin will benefit more from theme styling. The main change is in OrderTotals.cshtml, the rest is css and color presets fixes.

    • 26005 2017-12-11

      Unify breakpoints for the themes where it is possible ( removed 980, 1001)