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Categories Header Menu Documentation

With the Nop Categories Header Menu you can show your categories in a dropdown menu on your home page or any other page with just a few clicks from the nopCommerce administration. You can also easily define custom links to improve the navigation experience of your online store. The Nop Categories Header Menu is entirely customizable via CSS to meet the design of your nopCommerce web site.

Once the Nop Categories Header Menu plugin is installed and integrated you might want to set the various settings. 


  1. If you have too many categories and they don't fit in the header menu you have the option to choose, which top level categories to be shown. You need to enable the Display only top level categories, which are marked as 'Show on home page' setting. Once enabled you can go to the Top Level category that you want to show and enable the Show on home page setting.
  2. Show Manufacturers - by checking this setting a list of manufacturers will be shown in your Nop Categories Header Menu.
  3. Adding links to other topic pages i.e About Us

    You can easily add links to other pages in the Header Menu by modifying the Razor view file.
    You can find and modify the Razor view CategoriesHeaderMenu.cshtml file in the Views folder of the Header Menu plugin folder.


    For example you can add a link to About Us topic page. You just need to uncomment the code by removing @* and *@ around it.
    You can also add links to other pages or completely remove the categories by commenting


    You can change the place of the manufacturers just by moving the code part of code shown above to a different place.