Blog posts of '2013' 'May'

A critical security issue in all nopCommerce 2.x installations!

You might already be aware that nopCommerce recently announced a critical security issue affecting all nopCommerce 2.x installations.

We would like to stress the importance of this issue. All nopCommerce 2.x installation run the risk of having their customers and order information exposed.

We woul...

Abandoned Shopping Cart -The Curse of the E-commerce Business.

I am sure all of us who are in the e-commerce business have noticed the following trend. Clients visit your website, add products to their shopping carts and then disappear never to return and checkout. The three cursed words describing this phenomenon are - abandoned shopping cart. Statistics shows...

7 Ideas to Make Your E-commerce Startup a Success.

The current growth of the e-commerce industry entices many entrepreneurs to dip in this immense pool of opportunities. However, not all willing to try, manage to stay in business. Why is this happening?

Most people believe that setting up an e-commerce shop is all there is to starting up a successf...