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9 years ago

Hi inahmias,

we've merged the file you are referring to, to the SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.Core\Scripts\SevenSpikesExtensions.js file, so if you've update this plug-in you shouldn't worry about that.
As far as the menu goes, I've just tested it on multiple devices in RTL and it works correctly. Update everything to latest 3.2 and try again. If the problem persists, please gives a link to your website so that we would be able to investigate it and explain in detail what the problem is.

9 years ago

d-print wrote:
Hi there,

Apples OSX Mavericks version 10.9.4

It is also occurring on Safari Version 5.1.7 (7534.57.2) on Windows 8.1


thank you for the information, we are going to investigate the issue and get back to you as soon as possible.

9 years ago

d-print wrote:
Hi Aleksandar,

Do you mean the operating system that the site is hosted on our dedicated server or the operating system I am using on my laptop/computer to view the site in Safari?


I meant the one on your computer with the Safari on it :)

9 years ago

d-print wrote:
Hi there,

Using The ArtFactory Theme & MegaMenu Plugin and it appears that on Safari Version 7.0.6 (9537.78.2) the sub menu doesn't appear on hover, however if I change the menu settings to be on click they work.


The Anywhere Slider using Safari Version 7.0.6 (9537.78.2)... when the home page loads you see the first slider but there is a big glitch moving into the next image as if it is loading then they scroll absolutely fine. it is just the first change on any effect setting.



what operating system are you using (name and exact version) ?

ehubcap wrote:
Hi Support, i been testing my Motion on a HTC incredible Android ver: 2.3.4, however the select menu is displayed by default and wont close.
I did check for the issue on the demo stores at
and it replicated there also, (at least on the motion and nitro themes), could you look into this please/ it seem that earlier android's snub at the
 <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=0, minimum-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0">
, I tried several approaches but nothing appear to remediate the problem
Thank you


thank you for pointing out this problem!

We are currently working on it, so could you tell us a couple of things that would help us determine what is causing it:

1. In what browser do you see this problem  ?
2. Have you tried several browsers on your device ?
3. Does the problem persist in both landscape and portrait modes ?
4. Have you tried on other devices with Android 2.x ?

Best regards!

9 years ago

Alex_ wrote:
Hi ,
I would like to change a lay out of Product list   Item-box for a different resolutions , as I can see there some of them : 480 , 768, 980 , and mobile-only

I get it that I can put some code in CSS related to different sizes like 480.css or  mobile-only.css

I have written in  480.css  some thing like :


    .product-grid .item-box {
        width: 50%;
        float: left;
        margin: 0;

But it's not working for me.
Would you mind to point me in the right direction , where to start.

Thank you.


so you are trying to make the design of the item box in "defaultviewmode: list" for mobile devices be the same as in desktop ?

Best Regards!

9 years ago

UserThomas wrote:
New bug:  When you only allow customer reviews on certain products, the css formatting on category/sub-category pages causes the products rows to display incorrectly.  

The review stars makes the products box a little taller and that messes up the next row.

This is a problem for me because I will only be allowing product reviews on certain items.

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your feedback. It was indeed a minor issue that we have fixed and uploaded on our site.Can you please download the theme again and replace the following files with the ones from the package:


If you have made any modification in these files, you should merge them in the new ones. But I believe all your changes are in the custom.css file.

Best Regards!

I have this working correctly on my site until now.  I just created a category called What's New and set some items to it.  Now, for this category only, the same review starts error is happening.  Any ideas on why this is happening?

Could you please give us the address to your website, so that we could investigate the problem ?

Best Regards!

9 years ago

So there are a couple of things here :

1. The container of the image is square, so if you make your images square they won't be cut by the container.

2. If you want to keep the same dimensions of the images you should correct the container's dimensions. As I see on your website, the images are the same proportions (currently 229x345). You should go to the administration, find Plugins/Nop Allure Theme/Settings and add these lines of code in the "Custom Head Styles" textarea :

.item-box .product-item .picture a:before,
.product-grid .item-box .hover-details:before {
     padding-top: 150.7%;

now the proportions of the container matches the proportions of your images.

3. Hint:   after doing the stuff from the second point, change the width of your "Category thumbnail image size" to 345 from the administration in "Configuration/Settings/Media settings", so that the images fully stretch inside the container in mobile.

Best regards

10 years ago

Hi Denzelos,

could you provide us a link to your website ?

Best Regards,
Nop-Templates Support Team

violabg wrote:
Is better now, but still little off on safari (both mac and iOS) and firefox.
her is a screenshoot:

There were bugs in the main styles. We fixed everything and we tested on all browsers, and didn't see this problem, so you can update after an hour or so, clear the cache in your browsers, and see if you still have this issue.

Have a nice weekend!

Best regards,
Nop-Templates Support Team