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8 years ago

jkeeler wrote:
Ok. I see that in the Home view there is an index.chtml file for the home page. What view is being used to display topic pages? That is where I will need to add this then.

Topic pages uses the Topic/TopicDetails.cshtml. At the top of the view you would probably see:

    if (isPopup == null || isPopup == false)
        Layout = "~/Views/Shared/_ColumnsOne.cshtml";
        /*pop-up windows*/
        Layout = "~/Views/Shared/_RootPopup.cshtml";

Replace the bold text with _ColumnsTwo.cshtml

8 years ago

jkeeler wrote:
I am trying to figure out where to add the _ColumnsTwo reference so that all pages have 2 columns rather than one. Our home page is also unique so we have created a view for that (_ColumnsTwoHome). Thank you.


for each page you want to be two column, you need to add at the top of the view, this code:

   Layout = "~/Views/Shared/_ColumnsTwo.cshtml";

Hope this helps!

Edit Footer
8 years ago

jaquino89 wrote:
I was recently handed a website project running on nopCommerce 3.60 using the Motion theme. I have access to login in the Admin but I cannot find where to edit the code for layout. I need to edit column 3 in the footer and add some text and 2 pics that have a link to an external webpage.

Here is what I see when I login on the backend:

I have tried to locate the root folder to get to Views\Common\Footer.cshtml but I only get this far.

Here is what I'm trying to do, here is current footer

but i need to add in an h3 tag and 2 images with external links to webpages like this:

How do I do get to area where I can modify this? Please walk me through step by step from first image. Thanks so much!!

Hi jaquino,

go to the folder Themes -> Motion -> Views -> Common -> Footer.cshtml. This is the view in which you should add your code to. Find the element with class 'subscribe-to-newsletter' and add the h3 tag and the images after it.

Hope that helped!

Hi Jhopper,

on mobile devices it is bad practice to have pop-up/modal windows. That's why, in AjaxCart, there are different functionality depending on the viewport/device.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

BlueMed wrote:
Hi Support team,

I want to add a product images in J Carousal at product details page. if my products has more then 3 pictures, then it should be shown with PREV(<),NEXT(>).Kindly suggest me the best options.

BlueMed Dev Team


so this functionality is a part of the CloudZoom plug-in. If you have it, go to Administration -> Plugins -> Nop Cloud Zoom -> Settings and under "General Settings" make sure that you have checked "Enable Picture Thumbnails To Be In JCarousel:". That's it :)

9 years ago

europhile wrote:
Hi, am using the Blog posts more now and the links are not highlighted, so effectively useless to users!

They work fine under Categories, so should be the same format as those (coloured, bold and underlined). TIA, Phil.

Hi europhile, 

thank you for pointing that out!
We've added styling for the links in the Blog and News posts, so you can download the theme from your download section and update the styles.css file.

nopmstr2014 wrote:
Hi all
Nitro Logo image and mega menu category images disappears automatically in our live site .

When I cleared cache it comes back again.

Help needed please


Hi nopmstr2014,

could you give me the link to your website so that I can investigate the problem ?

9 years ago

Go to JCarousel/Content/css/JCarousel.css. Go to line 203 and find this selector ".products-carousel .item-info .jcarousel-product-name". Remove these two lines from its styling:

height: 24px;
overflow: hidden;

now the titles of the products in the JCarousel would be visible.

9 years ago

gophfy wrote:
I'm trying to find how to make the product name wrap in the Nop JCarousel. My product names are too long and are being cut off rather than wrapping to the line below.

Hi gophfy,

do you have a website which I could investigate ?

9 years ago

visuasoft wrote:
on our site you can see at the top that the combobox of the languages does not size correctly


the idea behind making the select that small is saving space and looking slicker and more compact.
You have two options:

1. If you want to have the full width of your language's name find the ".new_select" selector styles on it in your styles.css and replace them with this :

.new_select {
width: auto !important;
color: #c9c9c9;
padding: 7px 34px 7px 7px;
background: #595959 url(/Themes/Motion/Content/img/dropdown-arrow.png) no-repeat 90% center;
cursor: pointer;
height: 31px;
z-index: 1003 !important;

2. If you decide to keep the original styling go to the administration then Configuration/Languages and click Edit on a language and next to "Unique SEO code" set a two character code for that language i.e. Netherlands = nl or NL

Have a good one :)