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ScotterMonkey wrote:
I did exactly as you instructed and I restarted application.
It made no difference.
I still see this: "Sizes: 16 oz. [+$11.00]"


please create a ticket in our Ticketing system and share admin credentials, so I could investigate what is happening.

bilican121 wrote:

I want to add icons to tab titles without custimization in plugins view. I want to add dinamicly and changable a setting. I cant edit controllers class. Could you help me, how can i solve my problem ?


please create a ticket in our Ticketing system and I will explain what to do and give you the files you need.

ScotterMonkey wrote:
I'm running Ajax Cart 3.70.
For a product that I've created "Sizes" product attribute and the size of 16oz adds $11, you see the following in the popup and the cart:

Sizes: 16 oz. [+$11.00]

What files can I change to remove the "[+$11.00]" part?
I do like that it adds the extra amount and shows up in the product price.
I just don't want it showing like this in the cart.



to do this you need to change the language resource of the attributes. Go to Languages -> YOUR LANGUAGE click EDIT -> String Resources -> search for Products.ProductAttributes.PriceAdjustment -> click EDIT and remove the [{1}].

NOTE: changing this would affect the whole website, not just the AjaxCart, because the AjaxCart uses the same attributes you see on the ProductPage

7 years ago

Jhopper wrote:

Every time I upload an image to display for the homepage it is being up scaled.

I have set the richblogsettings.homepageimagesize setting to 380 and the image is being up scaled to 580.

Any ideas?

Thank you


could you please create a ticket for this issue at with a link to your website and admin credentials, so that we could investigate properly ?

7 years ago

[email protected] wrote:
Awesome! Thank you, Aleksandar!

You are welcome, happy to help! If you have any other question, please let us know.

7 years ago

[email protected] wrote:
Great, thank you very much, that solved the issue apart from logo that keeps the same size on mobile display?

Use this code:

@media all and (max-width: 1000px) {

.header-logo {
    max-width: 220px;


7 years ago

[email protected] wrote:

Please find it here:!AsXLSpl_kyRyhs8GVOg6Tbyfb3axmg

I just opened the page you mentioned I suspect the problem is that the images do not scale in smaller resolutions and get cut off. There are two reasons:

1. the images have set dimensions, which is bad for mobile
2. there is not max-width:100% set for the images

First remove the dimensions of the images (where you add the images to the topic).

Then go to /admin/UrbanThemeAdmin/Settings and in the Custom Head Styles paste this code:

.topic-page .page-body img {
   max-width: 100%;

This should fix the problem with the "mobile-friendly" message.

7 years ago

[email protected] wrote:
Hello. Can you please help me figure out what is causing our site to be non-responsive, Google search displays the following: " Your page is not mobile-friendly". Thank you!


could you please share a screenshot of the aforementioned message ?

7 years ago

MatteoC wrote:
Hi there,

we are on the process of updating our website. We have many products and Pavilion looks good for the job.
Is it possible to modify the theme and obatain the full screen view like on minimal theme therefore with fluid grid system?

Thanks for the support

Hi MatteoC,

all of our themes are accessible and completely customizable through the source code. However changing the Pavilion theme from a centered style to a full-screen style is pretty complicated and you would have to do a lot of code modifications to achieve the desired look.
If full-screen look is your priority, I would suggest using the Minimal theme instead, because it will save u a lot of time and effort.

Please, let us know if you have any further questions!

simonyan wrote:
Hi Aleksandar,

Did you fix it in 3.70? I downloaded the new theme package and didn't found any difference?

best regards,


Hi simonyan,

I'm sorry for the delayed answer, I thought you were using nopCommerce 3.8. Do the same thing I explain in the post above, this time however you are going see the fix applied :)

You should be able to see the change on line 1171 (styles.css) this code:

.item-box .product-item {
    position: relative;