Theme Tweaks

Theme Tweaks gives you the option to hire our team of developers to do small modifications or theme customizations. Below you can find the different types of tweaks depending on the complexity and time required. These are just examples, so if you are not sure which one applies to your case, pleaseĀ Submit a Ticket for a more precise quote. When purchasing the theme tweaks, please specify the ticket number. Please note that we will require an admin and FTP access in order to start work. All tweaks will be done within 24 working hours after we get an admin and FTP access.

  • Theme Tweak


    A theme tweak is a basic edit that will take no more than 60 minutes. Examples of a theme tweak are:

    • Adding or Removing small Theme Functionality
    • Change number of products per line on desktop, tablet, mobile
    • Adding custom font to the store (font provided by customer)
    • Remove or move elements
    • Change colors and font sizes
    • Add a youtube or vimeo video on a fixed section on your site
  • Theme Task


    A theme task is a code change of medium complexity that will normally take up to 2 hours and covers some of the following examples:

    • Reorganizing theme layout
    • Changing layout position of some theme elements
    • Reorganizing header
    • Reorganizing footer
    • Adding custom images & icons to fixed theme sections
    • Plugin integration
    • nopCommerce store installation and setup
  • Theme Story


    A theme story is a complex change in the code that will take up to 5 hours and covers some of the following examples:

    • A combination of 4 theme tweaks
    • A combination of 3 theme tasks
    • Styling of a plugin in accordance with the theme design
    • Creating custom sections in the theme
    • Changing the design of a plugin