• 26952 2018-04-26

    Added a resource for the "Close" menu button on mobile

  • 26563 2018-03-09

    Corrected the header margin top with and without admin header links

  • 26562 2018-03-09

    Corrected the path to the jquery-ui-1.10.3.custom.min.css file as it is changed in 4.00

  • 26556 2018-03-09

    Fixed an issue with the scroll of the mobile menu. Even if it is an off canvas menu, it behaves as accordion.

  • 26525 2018-03-07

    Fixed a scroll issue on mobile in the header menu

  • 26377 2018-02-12

    Fixed an issue with the height of the header menu on desktop when the site is viewed by the google's webcache.

  • 26114 2018-01-02

    Share buttons should be visible only when the "ShowShareButton" setting is enabled

Plugins included in the theme

  • Nop Ajax Filters

    • 26558 2018-03-09

      Show the filters icon in the mobile navigation as it was not shown

    • 26231 2018-01-24

      When Infinite Scroll is enabled and you scroll several pages down and visit a certain product page and then hit the Back button, you will now go back to the same product in the list of products (rather than to the top of the catalog page).

  • Nop Mega Menu

    • 26041 2017-12-14

      Added missing selectors in the less and js files of Color Presets

Other plugins not included in the theme

  • Nop One Page Checkout

    • 26782 2018-04-03

      Restyled "remove gift card" button in various themes. old styles are no longer needed after the semicolon next to the button was removed. It was removed because we don't want a semicolon after a button, only after a text.

    • 26005 2017-12-11

      Unify breakpoints for the themes where it is possible ( removed 980, 1001)