No changes for this product

Plugins included in the theme

  • Nop Ajax Filters

    • 26231 2018-01-24

      When Infinite Scroll is enabled and you scroll several pages down and visit a certain product page and then hit the Back button, you will now go back to the same product in the list of products (rather than to the top of the catalog page).

Other plugins not included in the theme

  • Nop One Page Checkout

    • 26005 2017-12-11

      Unify breakpoints for the themes where it is possible ( removed 980, 1001)

  • Nop Smart Product Collections

    • 26787 2018-04-04

      Improved markup and styling for the new mobile navigation in custom product collections. Now both Category and Product Collections have their tab navigation displayed in drop-downs on mobile devices thus a lot of space is saved which greatly improves the user experience on mobile devices.