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How the new Nop Facebook Shop Plugin differs from the nopCommerce Facebook Shop?
How the new Nop Facebook Shop Plugin differs from the nopCommerce Facebook Shop?

We have been approached by a number of people asking the same question about the new Nop Facebook Shop plugin.  Namely, what is the difference between the nopCommerce Facebook Shop and our Nop Facebook Shop plugin. Although it may seem that both plugins are the same, in fact they have little in comm...

Why choose Nop Ajax Cart?
Why choose Nop Ajax Cart?

Our primarily goal when developing nopCommerce extensions is to create products that will be of value to our customers and will help them build a successful online business. Having this in mind we have created the Nop Ajax Cart for nopCommerce. Why bother doing this when nopCommerce comes with an aj...

What's new in nopCommerce 3.1

The nopCommerce 3.1 release has been out and about for 2 weeks now and we would like to share with you what's new in the system in a little bit more detail than the standard release note. So let's get straight to the point.

NopCommerce 3.1 comes two months after the major 3.0 release so there are no ...

Complement your nopCommerce store with a smart and effective navigation!

The Nop Mega Menu plugin adds a powerful and flexible dropdown mega menu to your nopCommerce web site. You can enjoy an easy and effective navigation in your store managed right from your administration panel.

To learn more about the Nop Mega Menu Plugin watch this video.

What's new in Nop Ajax Filters 3.0.2?

Product filtering in nopCommerce has never been a trivial task, especially when you need your filters to interact with each other, to update on the fly not only the availble products but also the available filter options. Our flagship product the Nop Ajax Filters (it was also our first commercial pr...