Should I start from scratch or use nopCommerce?
Should I start from scratch or use nopCommerce?

At we often get asked by developers and companies looking into nopCommerce how good the system is from a development and architectural point of view? Is it pleasant to work with? Is it extendible? And ultimately is it the right platform to use for an e-commerce project or even to base my ASP.NET business on? All these questions really boil down to:

If I am a .NET developer/company should I use nopCommerce or start from scratch?

Here goes our answer to this.

1. .NET developers new to nopCommerce would worry first and foremost about the code base and the architecture.


Google Launches “Mobile - Friendly “ Labels in Mobile Search Results.
Google Launches “Mobile - Friendly “ Labels in Mobile Search Results.

Just two days ago Google has officially launched the mobile friendly label in the mobile search results sending a clear message to webmasters that they need to go mobile friendly if they haven’t done this yet.  A text label “mobile friendly” is added under the URL for the websites which are mobile optimized. 

This will help mobile searchers know which sites are mobile friendly and which are not and decide whether they want to click on a search result and end up on a web page which is hard to navigate. In other words mobile searchers have an advantage now.

This is how the label looks like:

... has a new look! has a new look!

We are celebrating our third anniversary with a new brand identity and a great new responsive site running on nopCommerce 3.40. Redesigning the site was only one of the many requirements we highlighted at the beginning of this six-month project. We also wanted to add new features which will help our visitors find all about our products, have access to a detailed and user friendly administration, and be able to get a timely support. The result, a site with a great new look and feel, which can be accessed on any mobile device.

What's new in nopCommerce 3.4
What's new in nopCommerce 3.4

With the nopCommerce 3.4 release the nopCommerce development team completed a major effort to improve the performance of the system. So when, more than a month ago, the release was made official, the whole nopCommerce community was impatient to test its speed and memory consumption and see if the nopCommerce was indeed faster and more optimized.

Being a nopCommerce vendor and a solution partner, we knew the answer to this question, long before the release. For the four months that the 3.40 was being developed there were so many fixes, improvements and refactorings committed to the nopCommerce...

How to rank high in Google? /Infographic/
How to rank high in Google?  /Infographic/

Ranking high in Google is the difference between bringing visitors to your website or being left unnoticed. But how can we achieve this so desired top ranking and build a stable organic search visibility? First we need to understand how google ranks websites and individual pages, what ranking signals are used in their algorithm. Although there is no official data to describe the Google ranking algorithm, the knowledge and experience of top SEO experts and websites combined with allegedly leeked documents from Google themselves can demystify this topic. Did you know that?

  1. The reading level o...