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What's new in nopCommerce 3.1 ~ Friday, August 16, 2013

The nopCommerce 3.1 release has been out and about for 2 weeks now and we would like to share with you what's new in the system in a little bit more detail than the standard release note. So let's get straight to the point.

NopCommerce 3.1 comes two months after the major 3.0 release so there are no ground-breaking features like the multi-store, multi-vendor, or the new markup. Still there are a few quite important improvements in the system, which are worth an upgrade of your nopCommerce website.

The most important change in nopCommerce 3.1 is the absence of the product variants, which were an integral part of the system in the previous versions. Now in nopCommerce you have just products. And products can be either group or simple. Essentially all your products with product variants are replaced via a group product with simple products underneath. In addition simple products can show individually on catalog pages, like the category page for example. The Product Variants tab is removed from the Product administrator page. What you should be looking for is the Associated Products tab.

NopCommerce Group Products

This change makes the catalog system in nopCommerce simpler, at the same time more powerful. With the grouping between products and at the same time the possibility to show simple products individually you can cover complex catalog scenarios.

For example, let's say that you have a product Levi's Alfresco Jeans and two simple products underneath it: Alfresco Blue and Alfresco Green. The two simple products have separate skus and prices. You also have a separate category called Sale, where you show all your products that are on sale. You decide that the Alfresco Green is not selling very well so it needs to go on sale. Now because the Alfresco Green is just another product you can map it to the Sale category. Mark the Alfresco Green as "Visible Individually" and it will show in the Sale category. Previously this scenario was not possible due to the fact that product variants were tied to one specific product and the product itself was the leading entity in the catalog.

So the new group and simple products in nopCommerce 3.1 are a great feature for the nopCommerce store owner. But let me tell you that the nopCommerce developers as well as the nopCommerce team of course, will have to put a lot more effort when working or customizing the catalog system. But this is a topic worth a whole new blog post (very technical) so let's move to the other new features in nopCommerce 3.1.

If you are a nopCommerce store owner, you will definitely love this new addition to nopCommerce 3.1 as it was an obvious and most requested feature. In nopCommerce 3.1. you can associate a product attribute to a product picture. In other words if you have a certain dress, which you sell in two different colors : black and blue and you have two different pictures of the dress for each color.

NopCommerce Assosciated Product Attributes With Pictures

When the customer goes on the product page and chooses a color, let's say blue, the product picture on the page changes to show the correct image of the blue dress. This UI behavior seems natural and thus important but was missing in nopCommerce up till now. So it alone is well worth considering and upgrade to the newest 3.1 version of nopCommerce.

If you are still not convinced the new product bundling functionality in nopCommerce 3.1 could be it. Now you can have a bundle of products, which works seamlessly with the pricing and the order process in the system.

NopCommerce Bundled Products

To create a product bundle in nopCommerce all you need to do is to associate a product with an attribute value. Then when the customer selects the value, nopCommerce will know that you are actually buying the product associated with the attribute value. Do note that you need to have the Dynamic Price Update setting set to true in order to have the prices update with each product you choose.

Administering NopCommerce Bundled Products

NopCommerce 3.1 also adds several improvements to its multi-store support. Most importantly now you can enable\disable plugins per store.

NopCommerce Plugins

You can also configure payment methods per store as well as shipping rates by weight and dimensions.

NopCommerce 3.1 comes with a few performance improvements, which have to do with new database indexes and more presentation level caching. The release note contains also a list of small but useful bug fixes and improvements. If you are interested do check it out here:

Let's summarize what we have learned so far about nopCommerce 3.1.

  • It simplifies the catalog system for the store owners
  • Adds very useful features for both the owners and the customers of a nopCommerce store
  • Fills multi-store functionality gaps
  • Come with the usual performance and functionality fixes and improvements

So the release is more than worth a look by all involved with nopCommerce.

Do not also forget to checkout our nopCommerce themes and plugins, which are available for nopCommerce 3.1. Currently we are developing responsive versions and theme rollers for all our themes as well as new responsive nopCommerce themes. Every new theme we release is added for free to the Nop Ultimate Theme Collection package of existing customers.

So stay tuned as we continue to develop more products for the greatest (there is absolutely no doubt) .NET e-commerce platform on the market.

The Nop Mega Menu plugin adds a powerful and flexible dropdown mega menu to your nopCommerce web site. You can enjoy an easy and effective navigation in your store managed right from your administration panel.

To learn more about the Nop Mega Menu Plugin watch this video.

What's new in Nop Ajax Filters 3.0.2? ~ Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Product filtering in nopCommerce has never been a trivial task, especially when you need your filters to interact with each other, to update on the fly not only the availble products but also the available filter options. Our flagship product the Nop Ajax Filters (it was also our first commercial product) has seen a lot of attention from our development team over the two years since its launch. Most of development on the plugin was driven by our customers.

With the nopCommerce 3.0 released we are starting to see a greater number of large retailers and stores pointing their opportunistic radars in the direction of nopCommerce. Naturally we have been approached by customers who had thousands of products in a single category who required that the Nop Ajax Filters filter the products withing the range of 1 sec.

If you are familiar with the nopCommerce database schema and how the different Price Range, Specification, Attributes and Manufacturer filters interact with each other, you will know that is quite a challenge. Well...challenge accpeted!

And here we are with a brand new 3.0.2 version of the Nop Ajax Filters, which can select among thousands of products from the nopCommerce intricate database in the blink of an eye.

But that's not all. We have also enhanced the Nop Ajax Filters to work not only on a nopCommerce category page but also on a manufacturer page. Now you can make your nopCommerce manufacturer pages much more friendly to your customers, who will be able to find the products they are looking for in no time.

All our 3.0.2 nopCommerce plugins including the Nop Ajax Filters have received a new sidebar menu on their administration pages in order to facilitate the administration of the plugins:

We would like to point out that the Nop Ajax Filters 3.0.2 will work on any nopCommerce 3.0 installation. If you have the plugin already installed, please uninstall it and install the new version.

We would also like to thank all our customers who shared their feedback and most importantly large real-world nopCommerce databases with us!

Next we will be enhancing the Nop Ajax Filters to work on the nopCommerce search page. So stay tuned for more new features and improvments coming out of our amazing nopCommerce development team.

Before we introduce our new Nop Customer Reminders plugin, we would like to remind you that the plugin will be added to the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection shortly, so all customers with valid licenses to the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection do not need to buy the plugin as they will receive it for free.

NopCommerce has become so powerful and feature rich that you might think that there isn't an e-commerce opportunity that can be missed with it. You have many different shipping and payment methods, a customizable checkout process, powerful tax system, discounts, customer groups, reward points, featured products, price breaks, cross sells and many other marketing and sales capabilities.

Store owners spend a lot of time setting these up and making use of them, and they should if they want their nopCommerce store to be successful. But even if you have your nopCommerce store up and running with the nicest theme and an optimized customer shopping experience, it is not uncommon to have abandoned shopping carts, registrations and even orders.

Around 70% of the customers abandon their shopping carts for example. And a big part of this does not happen because your buy button was not big enough or green enough or your checkout was too long. Some customers got distracted, some had problems with their credit card or your payment provider, some were unsure of the price, some wanted to save the items for later, some left but could not remember your url. Yet some thought that they ordered the items. In nopCommerce it is easy to place an order but not pay for it.

But now you can win all these customers back using the Nop Customer Reminders plugin. The plugin can be configured to send automatic reminder messages to:

  • Recover abandoned shopping carts
  • Recover incomplete registration
  • Recover unpaid orders

The Nop Customer Reminders plugin uses a flexible configuration framework where the store owner can specify as many reminders as they need and configure various settings for each reminder.

Nop Customer Reminders

You can specify, which customers are eligible to receive a reminder depending on when they took the action of the reminder rule (added a product to their shopping cart for example). In this particular example a reminder will be sent to all customers, who added a product to their shopping cart but did not buy it at most 30 days ago but not less than 30 minutes ago. In addition to this specific customers can be excluded from the reminder.

You can also configure the plugin to send more than one message and the interval between the messages.

In the message template you can make use of tokens like: %Store.Name%, %Customer.FullName%, %ShoppingCart.ProductsWithPictures%, etc. Some tokens are common to all reminder rules, some are specific to the currently selected reminder rule.

But that's not all. We have also thought of the more technically-savvy store owners. If none of the three predefined rules fits your reminder purpose you can add your own rule from code. To do this you need to reference the SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.CustomerReminders.dll, implement the IReminderRule interface and register it as a service in nopCommerce.

Once again we would like to remind you that the plugin will be added to the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection so all customers of the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection will receive the plugin for free.

For anyone else a free trial is available on the Nop Customer Reminders product page. Feel free to give it a try and send your valuable feedback to us.

And do not forget the three key actions to your successful nopCommerce sales: Remind, Reassure, Promote!

Our Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection has grown quite a lot since we started developing for nopCommerce more than an year ago. One of the greatest advantages of the collection over the individual plugins is that customers receive new plugins added to the collection for free. So we decided to share how the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection was developed over time, what nopCommerce plugins were added to it and when. We started with one plugin, the Nop Ajax Filters and kept the development rolling and adding a new nopCommerce plugin every month. Then we took a break and for several months worked on adding new features and improving the plugins. Now we are again stepping up on the new plugins development, which started with the Nop Quick View last month.

Two more nopCommerce plugins will be added to the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection with our coming release this month while the price of the collection will remain the same.

Guess the functionality of any of these plugins by writing in the comments below and win a license for them for free. Customers of the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection will get the plugins for free anyway, but they are more than welcomed to participate.

Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection

We are extremely proud to announce the release of our new nopCommerce plugin - the Nop Quick View.

The Nop Quick View makes your product catalog much easier and faster to navigate by providing a pop-up details view for every product on the category page. Just hover over the product and click the "Quick View" button.

Nop Quick View

The various product detail sections are all configurable from the administration of the plugin. You can choose what exactly to be shown on the Quick View window.

Nop Quick View Administration

As with all our nopCommerce plugins, the Nop Quick View is open to modifications and has already been integrated in our free and premium nopCommerce themes. It supports single and multi variant products.

Nop Quick View

The Nop Quick View supports a Cloud Zoom and an Ajax Cart. With all this product information and functionality you customers will seldom have to go to the product details page, navigate back and forth and waste time choosing the products that they need. This dramatically improves your online store shopping experience resulting in better conversions and more sales.

Best of all, the Nop Quick View is included in the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection, which provides 11 nopCommerce plugins for less than half the price. Do not also forget that our products are backed by the support of the one of the top nopCommerce teams - the Nop-Templates development team, who are setting the trends on the nopCommerce extensions market.

Spot the new nopCommerce plugin and win it! ~ Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We have just finished developing our newest nopCommerce plugin. Until we put the finishing touches on the deployment and packaging, we have decided to upload it to our demo website and see if you can find out what it is. If you spot the new plugin, write in the comments below and we will grant you a free single domain license for it.

All customers with valid licenses for the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection will receive the plugin for free. But this should not stop you from participating for the fun of it.

The plugin makes a huge difference to the customer shopping experience. So just go to the demo website and it should be easy to spot.

Nop-Templates Demo Website

Video content is becoming more and more important to e-commerce. Online retailers are starting to realize the many benefits of having video on product pages among which are: new targeted search traffic, content sharing, site visitor engagement, increased customer loyalty and of course increased conversions.

The following video shows how you can easily add video to your product pages using the Nop Quick Tabs plugin. The Nop Quick Tabs are an excellent tool to manage your product content as it allows for sharing of the content between individual products, products in specific categories or products from specific manufacturers. If you are still not convinced about the benefits of having video on your nopCommerce store do check out the infographic by after the video.

Compelling Reasons for Adding Video to Your Website

NopCommerce Trends

Killer nopCommerce product pages! ~ Tuesday, February 5, 2013

These are the 21 steps, according to, which will assure you a killer product page on your e-commerce web site. We are proud to find out that the product pages of our nopCommerce themes actually support 19 out of the 21 features. If you guess the missing two, you will know what nopCommerce plugins we are currently working on.

How to Create Effective E-commerce Product Pages

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