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New Nop Beauty Theme Released for nopCommerce 2.65!

Nop Ajax Filters, Nop Anywhere Sliders, Nop Mega Menu and 6 more powerful plugins - if you have been following our product development you already know this story. What you probably don't know is that these premium features complement the professional and accomplished design of our newest nopCommerce theme - the Nop Beauty Theme. As usual all these nopCommerce plugins have been seamlessly integrated into the theme, making it versatile and functional, yet easy to customize and upgrade.

The Nop Beauty Theme is suitable for make-up, perfumery, cosmetics, beauty, lingerie, jewelry, fashion stores...

How to create nopCommerce themes

In this article I am going to talk about nopCommerce themes or as many call them nopCommerce templates and how we can create one. Please note that the content in this blog post will be presented from the perspective of a .NET MVC nopCommerce developer. However front end developers will also be able to benefit from it and learn how to create a nopCommerce theme\template.

What is a nopCommerce theme?

A nopCommerce theme is just a collection of files which define how a nopCommerce web site looks like, its layout and appearance, as well as how a web site behaves, its functionality. It is importa...