Blog posts of '2012' 'March'

Nop Instant Search plugin released for nopCommerce 2.4

We dwelve in a vast amount of data every day. No wonder that we search for information all the time in order to find what really concerns us. On the interenet we can use search engines to help us but once we arrive at a web site that interests us,
it is down to this very same web site to make our experience pleasant so we do not waste any time to find our way round it.
We believe that if you are running an ecommerce business, your customers should be able to find what they need instantly and without any effort.

So we are proud to announce the release of a very powerful tool for all online retai...

Nop Ajax Cart plugin released for nopCommerce 2.4

We are pround to announce the availability of the Nop Ajax Cart plugin for nopCommerce 2.4.
As the name implies the Nop Ajax Cart plugin allows your customers to shop faster and without leaving their current page.
This greatly improves the user experience and gives the customers more time to look for other products instead of redirecting them to the shopping cart and forcing them to leave your web site.

Why do we need the Nop Ajax Cart plugin?

When your clients browse your store they will most probably navigate to a specific category to search for specific products by using the pager or using ...