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Mobile nopCommerce themes in nopCommerce 2.4

As the release of nopCommerce 2.4 in knocking on the door we decided to play with the latest nopCommerce sources from codeplex.
The new nopCommerce 2.4 release is all about Mobile, so we will take a look at the mobile support in this post.
Our first impression when we installed nopCommerce 2.4 is that now you have a new setting called Mobile devices supported.
When you check the checkbox of the new setting then a new setting called Mobile store theme is availabe and allows you to select the nopCommerce Mobile theme.

Administration -> Configuration -> Settings -> General And Miscellaneous Settings


How to add an advertising flash banner in a nopCommerce topic

We will demonstrate you how to add an advertising flash banner in your nopCommerce web site as a nopCommerce topic.
First let's say that we want to add an advertisin flash banner on the home page.
There is a topic in nopCommerce called HomePageText, which we will use in this example.
But before that you need to make sure that you have the actual flash movie on your server.
We would sugest to create a separate folder in the root folder of your application and add any new flash files there.
This way you will have all your flash banners at one single place.
So first create a folder called banners in yo...

How to create nopCommerce themes

In this article I am going to talk about nopCommerce themes or as many call them nopCommerce templates and how we can create one. Please note that the content in this blog post will be presented from the perspective of a .NET MVC nopCommerce developer. However front end developers will also be able to benefit from it and learn how to create a nopCommerce theme\template.

What is a nopCommerce theme?

A nopCommerce theme is just a collection of files which define how a nopCommerce web site looks like, its layout and appearance, as well as how a web site behaves, its functionality. It is importa...