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Why nopCommerce themes?

The team behind have been following and working with nopCommerce since version 1.5 came out almost two years ago. But it has been only recently, since nopCommerce 2.0 entered the scene, that we decided to concentrate much more effort and energy on nopCommerce. Why you would ask? The answer is quite simple. NopCommerce 2.0 marks a new and a very promising beginning for the project, not because it uses the latest and greatest .NET web technologies, but because nopCommerce 2.x allows for what was not possible before: extensibility and scalability.

NopCommerce themes were extrem...

Nop Electronics and Nop Fashion Themes for nopCommerce 2.3 come fully packed with all our extensions!
Nop Electronics and Nop Fashion Themes for nopCommerce 2.3 come fully packed with all our extensions.
The themes are now more powerful and provide much more options for customizations.

If you wonder why you should buy our nopCommerce themes here is a short list to consider:

Our absolutely unique Nop Ajax Filters are seamlessly integrated in the themes.
They are specifically styled for the themes for both options - checkboxes and dropdowns.
So you can choose the option that best suits your stores or your client needs.

Nop Quick Tabs plugin is used to display the product descriptions, specifications a...
Nop Anywhere Sliders plugin officially released for nopCommerce 2.3.

We are more than happy to announce the release of the new Nop Anywhere Sliders, which creation was pushed by the well known Nop Home Page Sliders. Many of the new features are inspired by the active nopCommerce community for which we are very thankful. The new plugin is much more powerful with a lot of new features including widget support, ability to create many sliders, display more than one slider on a page and more.

We will try to point the most important features of the Nop Anywhere Sliders.

1. Widget Support - any slider can be added to any widget zone or even to more than one widget zone ...

Nop Quick Tabs released for nopCommerce 2.3 with a number of enhancements!

We are glad to announce the release of Nop Quick Tabs plugin for nopCommerce 2.3.
We would like to thank all of you who contributed with your priceless feedback in shaping this product.
With this release we pushed the plugin to a new level.
Here is the list of improvements of the Nop Quick Tabs:

1. Themeable Support - the tabs come with three predefined themes that you can choose from in the Admin panel.
   You can easily create your own new themes using the JQuery UI Themeroller.
   There is a step by step tutorial about how to do this on the plugin documentation page.

2. Ajax tabs loading is now co...

Nop Ajax Filters released for nopCommerce 2.3 with a number of enhancements

With the release of nopCommerce 2.3, we have pushed our Nop Ajax Filters to the next level. Today we have released a new version of the plugin for nopCommerce 2.3, which features a number of enhancements, all of which have been driven by customer feedback. We would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to talk to us regarding our nopCommerce products. So please do continue to share your feedback with us, as we continue to improve our nopCommerce plugins and themes.

The new Nop Ajax Filters comes with:

1. Automatic support for Checkbox and Dropdown controls. This means that the differe...